United Health Association (UHA) is specifically designed to advocate for certified professionals and organizations who provide holistic, naturopathic, naturepathic, homeopathic and alternative health care services in order to introduce them and their philosophy and methods to each other and the general public.

This public presence is more important now than ever before. Research today reveals that 70% of those individuals polled indicated that they have sought health care approaches outside current Standard Medicine in the past year. It is clear that individuals and families want more choices—safer choices—for their personal health care.


At United Health Association (UHA) our mission is to establish a point of access for millions of health care consumers (patients, clients, and interested parties) to find specific practitioners, providers, organizations, products, services, events and opportunities related to HOLISTIC and preventive care practices, and information by specialty and geographic area.

Conversely, you, the practitioners and providers will have clients, patients and visitors you are seeking to find and who need your services searching through this website or attending local events hosted by UHA and its provider partners.


For United Health Association (UHA) our vision is to be the most comprehensive national resource for professionals, vendors and the public to find any certified professional, industry partner, practitioner or provider offering direct or associated holistic naturopathic, naturepathic, homeopathic, alternative care, services, products, publication or media and events.

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